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Max’s Sporting Studio 2021 Fantasy Baseball Prep Kit

With Opening Day stumbling on our doorsteps and the end of the fantasy draft season upon us, here is a compilation of articles from our writers that can serve as a guide for the 2021 season.

First is the breakout candidates series that will help you find some undervalued players in drafts, trades, and potentially even the waiver wire. Additionally, we’re working on a bounce-back/sleeper mini-series with the hitters portion already published.



Starting Pitchers

Relief Pitchers

Bounce-Backs and Sleeper Hitters

These are only some of the players you could describe as “sleepers,” so if you have any noteworthy sleeper picks, comment them down below.

For a more in-depth analysis on individual players, we also have profiles/analysis on each of the following players and topics:

Fernando Tatis’s breakout

Fernando Tatis Jr. has already taken up MLB’s spotlight as arguably the sport’s most exciting player. Take a look at what went into Fernando Tatis’s 2020 ascension and where there’s still room for improvement.

Source: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports

Alec Mills and his curveball

The Chicago Cubs have taken a liking to a more traditional pitching style with low velocity, control artists such as Kyle Hendricks, recently acquired Zach Davies, as well as, Alec Mills. Mills’s curveball despite being a notably slow pitch, averaging 67 mph in 2020, is sneakily effective. Find out how above.

Source: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

James Paxton’s return to Seattle

James Paxton or Big Maple, as he’s referred to by some, was one of baseball’s most dominant pitchers from 2016-2019, primarily with the Mariners. The question is: will Paxton return to form back with Seattle?



Source: Wikimedia Commons

Gregory Polanco as a perennial sleeper

Gregory Polanco has had a roller coaster ride of a career, to this point, peaking in 2018 with what looked like a serious breakout campaign and bottoming out in 2020. There were still some positive takeaways last year making him a worthwhile sleeper.

Source: Joseph Guzy/Miami Marlins

Trevor Rogers for NL ROY?

The Marlins have a young southpaw with an intriguing arm who posted great underlying numbers in 2020. The question for Rogers is: can he translate those numbers into tangible success?



One of the most underrated pitchers in baseball

The subject of this article will remain secret until the end of the article, it’s just that surprising. We’ll leave it as this: a certain AL East team might have made an extremely sneaky move to bolster their rotation.

The Ultimate Sleeper – Mitch Garver

The Minnesota Twins have a great catching tandem with rookie Ryan Jeffers and the unheralded Mitch Garver. After posting a truly unbelievable .357 isolated power (ISO) mark in 2019, Garver couldn’t keep his body right in 2020 but he shouldn’t be easily forgotten.

Miguel Sano: Breaking a Baseball

Our final individual player piece covers Miguel Sano and his uniquely powerful profile. Despite that mammoth power, there are some equally unique caveats to Sano’s game.

What went wrong with some star infielders in 2020?

To round out our draft kit, read up on infielders that never found their way in 2020. Were their struggles the result of a small sample fluke or were these glimpses of things to come?

In addition to the articles featured above, our leaderboards are a fantastic tool to help you get a leg up on your competition in any fantasy format.